No, not permanently! I’m selling at Epic-Con October 24-26, and I’ve got an excellent track record of getting my jewelry to sell in person; therefore, I’m taking my entire inventory right down the street with me to the con. 

If there’s something on there you’ve been eyeing, you’ll want to purchase it before October 20thI would normally just shut it down for the weekend, but I’m actually teaching that week instead of just assisting and my mother has to have a complicated surgery, so it’s a busy week. The store will re-open on the 27th or 28th, after I’ve had a chance to remove anything I’ve sold out of.

The last thing is that everything in the 'on sale' category will be switched out on Friday.

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I know I said ‘this weekend’ last week but I was wrong. I’m opening up holiday commissions today. I’ll take 15 to start. I charge $15/hr for labor, plus the cost of materials. Shipping is free and includes insurance if you’re in the US. The cost of materials and half of the estimated cost of labor are due up front, the rest before shipping. To inquire about a commission, just shoot me an email:

Sample pics below the read more.

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